Detail of marble fireplace


We have a range of beautiful stone and timber fireplaces to suit all tastes, sizes and requirements—whether it is for a contemporary or traditional setting. All fireplaces can be fitted with a range of inserts or stoves and adapted to demand. Call or visit our showroom to discuss your requirements. We pride ourselves in providing the appropriate solution for you.

Below is a selection only. Designs are available in different materials and different sizes. Enquire in our showroom.

Traditional Stone Fireplaces

  • Double Column Regency (Marble)

    Double Column Regency (Marble)

    Bottochino Cream Marble
    Height: 47″ Width: 64″

  • Dublin Corbel (Marble)

    Dublin Corbel (Marble)

    Spanish Cream Marfil
    Height: 45″ Width: 54/60″

  • Incised Victorian (Marble)

    Incised Victorian (Marble)

    Spanish Cream Marfil
    Height: 45″ Width: 54″

  • Lisburn (Marble)

    Lisburn (Marble)

    Spanish Cream Marfil
    Height: 46″ Width: 54/60″

  • Nore (Marble)

    Nore (Marble)

    Spanish Cream Marfil
    Height: 50″ Width: 60″