Detail of free standing stove


We stock a range of stoves to suit all tastes, sizes and requirements. The range of modern stoves available means you can enjoy fuel efficiency, warmth and reduced emissions in traditional or contemporary designs. All our stoves are certified to European efficiency and environmental standards. Call or visit our showroom to discuss your requirements. We pride ourselves in providing the appropriate solution for you.

Below is a selection only. Some models are available in different sizes and colours. Enquire in our showroom.

Inset Stoves

  • Boru 600i

    Boru 600i

    Output: 10kw, boiler option available
    Height: 22″ Width: 24″ Depth: 17″

  • Boru Chieftain

    Boru Chieftain

    Output: 2kw, Boiler: 15kw
    Height: 25″ Width: 20″ Depth: 18″

  • Boru Fiachra

    Boru Fiachra

    Output: 7kw
    Height: 21″ Width: 15″ Depth: 13″

  • Henley Valentia

    Henley Valentia

    Output: 7kw
    Height: 24″ Width: 20″ Depth: 12″

  • Mulberry Stoker

    Mulberry Stoker

    Output: 6.5kw, boiler option available
    Height: 24″ Width: 19″ Depth: 13″

  • Stanley Cara

    Stanley Cara

    Output: 6.5kw
    Height: 24″ Width: 19″ Depth: 14″